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For the past sixteen years, Tom has worked as a facilitator at The Hudson Institute of Coaching, one of the nation's premiere leaders in Coaching and Leadership Development. Tom serves as faculty in Hudson's LifeForward Program, helping individuals gain clarity about what is most important to them at this time in their lives, and how to mindfully incorporate their learning and experience into a new plan for life ahead. Tom also serves as faculty in Hudson's Corporate Programs geared towards senior leaders who are interested in exploring new motivators and challenges in their work and lives, as well as senior partners who are retiring and crafting a new chapter and identity post-career that aligns with what is most important to them. 

These programs provide a powerful, focused, and rewarding opportunity for participants to reflect on their experiences and gain a deep sense of self-awareness, and chart a new course based on what stirs for them.

Tom is available to arrange for specific group programs curated to meet individual or organizational needs, and is available to speak on matters related to transition and change, coaching, and the power of cultivating an intentional, meaningful life. 

Please contact Tom below if you would like to learn more about opportunities to engage in programs and/or retreats.

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