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Being in relationship


While paying close attention to your work life can come naturally for some, it's equally as important to notice and tend to your relationship with your partner or spouse. Relationship coaching provides the opportunity for a couple to look at and deepen their connection, with the aim of moving to the next chapter of a nourishing, meaningful relationship. Although you have had a way of being together that worked early on, life changes, and you change, and with those changes it's important to take time out to reassess, reconnect, and make those changes necessary to allow the relationship to be all it can be.

Major transitions can lead to major changes in relationships, from the executive who retires from a robust career, to empty-nesters, or to the spouse seeking to initiate a change in lifestyle or location. When your relationship endures a change, or when the passage of time has landed one or both of you in a "stuck" space, you can engage in coaching to help re-energize your partnership and align on what is most important moving forward together.

There's no need to wait until a crisis point to seek out support - coaching provides a framework for couples to build intimacy, gain clarity and awareness, and plan intentionally for their future. If you are interesting in exploring a potential relationship coaching engagement, please contact Tom below.