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What is your soul asking of you?


Transition coaching helps clients intentionally redesign their lives, and make the most of the opportunities that life changes can provide. Transitions we experience in the course of life are a rich time for learning, and an opportunity to move mindfully, creatively, and proactively into the next chapter of life. Sometimes the transition is internal, how we see things differently as we age and experience life and develop as individuals, and those transitions may move us to want to redesign aspects of our lives. Whether leaving a job or career, ending an old or beginning a new relationship, or experiencing any other significant change in our external or internal landscape, coaching helps us learn about ourselves and mindfully create the path ahead.

The coaching relationship focuses on gaining self-awareness, working through old beliefs that hold us back, and exploring possibilities. While transitions can be challenging to navigate, particularly those that life throws our way unexpectedly, they can also be powerful opportunities to make meaningful and lasting changes. 

Coaching engagements typically span ten to fourteen 60-minute sessions spread over the course of six months, followed by additional sessions as needed to continue supporting development work. Sessions can take place via video conference, telephone, or in-person. 


If you're interested in exploring a potential individual coaching engagement, please contact Tom below. 

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