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What is your work?


Executive or leadership coaching helps leaders to develop greater self-awareness and work more effectively in leading others within their organization. Tom specializes in coaching leaders who are looking to reinvent their current work chapter, or facing into a transition from their work life, particularly career-leaders who are retiring. As one's engagement with their work begins to fade or shift, oftentimes there is the opportunity to explore and experiment with new ways of being, including a re-working of priorities and a re-assessment of what gives life new meaning and purpose. This shift in what constitutes meaningful, engaged work can happen several times over the course of a career, not just in times of major career transition.

The number of sessions and cadence for an executive coaching engagement depend on the needs of the individual and relevant organization, as well as the needs for follow-up sessions to assist in ongoing development. Typically stakeholder interviews and ongoing stakeholder check-ins are a part of the engagement.


If you're interested in exploring a potential executive coaching engagement, please contact Tom below. 

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